The exhibition of the diocese of Muenster entitled “Peace. As in heaven, so on earth?” offers a special feature: It is not only aimed at adults, but also at young visitors. The children are “picked up” at the entrance by an illustration of a bird, a lion and a lamb. Together with these three animals they can discover the complex topic of war and peace.

With its own audio guide and exhibits at child’s height, the attention of the young visitors is guided and a story developed especially for them is told. Particularly great: They can experience this story not only “live” by visiting the exhibition. It can then be taken home in the form of a children’s book.


A young bird sets off in search of peace with its companions

“The Peace Seeker” tells the story of a small, widely travelled bird child. It arrives at the diocese exhibition where it meets lion and lamb standing in harmony next to a small child on a picture postcard. All three then move through the exhibition together. They try to understand what peace means to people and why it is important for Christianity.


Child-friendly and beautifully designed

The children’s book, which was conceptualized and edited by exhibition team members Katrin Egbringhoff, Elisabeth Lange and Thomas Flammer and realized by Rainer Oberthür (text) and Barbara Nascimbeni (pictures), is designed with love and tells a story suitable for children. It contains a very extensive text, which is probably not manageable as a reading text in one single reading session. Rather, parents and children have to take time for this together. Then they will learn a lot about Christianity and how it deals with war and peace.

I think the book for the exhibition is a really nice idea, and the success proves the concept right: The first edition has already been sold-out, the book is now available in its second edition in the museum shop.