As short as this question may be, it is all the more difficult to find a suitable answer to it. At the big action and family day last Sunday in Münster, the exhibition organizers of the cooperation “Peace. From antiquity to the present day” with the help of many great actors shed light on exactly this question from different perspectives. What is part of peace? How can people behave to ensure peace? Which foundations does peace need?

Under the motto: “One day, seven hours, one theme”, guests and residents of Münster were able to visit the peace exhibitions in the museums of the city and see many different actions on the theme of peace. Every hour the offers were repeated or continued, so that one could walk from station to station in the city center.

My day, my seven hours on the subject of peace

DanceRoom for Peace

I set off for Münster with my children and arrived on time for the opening in the foyer of the LWL Museum. There a dance performance of the inclusive dance school TanzRaum awaited us, where one could experience peace up close. I did not count them, but there were certainly over 60 dancers involved in alternating constellations, small and large, young and not quite so young, performed artists with and without handicaps. But they were all the same in one respect: everyone wore a radiant smile during these diverse fireworks of dancers, fabric, colors and music. I was close to tears during the performances every now and then. Definitely my favorite act of the day!

Picture: Scarfs are thrown into the air for joy and exuberance. (Source:


Live tutorial on human rights and the rule of law

My children know him and were blown away when they heard that YouTuber Mirko Drotschmann (quote: “This is the guy from Wissen2Go!”) explained to us in the auditorium of the LWL-Museum what human rights are all about. As in his YouTube tutorials, the complex material was condensed and comprehensibly presented: from the Magna Carta to today’s human rights conventions – and all presented with vivid visual material.

Image: Mirko Drotschmann (Source:

I think that his way of giving a lecture is just right to get children and young people excited about a topic. Anyway, it was fun for my kids, and because we sat right in front, we could even have a little chat with Mirko Drotschmann afterwards.

Girl and boy – so different?

The Forumtheater inszene e. V. can do theatre – but really very well! The play “Girls and Boys – so different?” is not just any piece. inszene e. V. has shown impro theatre at its best. The actors provided a social interaction addressing primarily young people, and the audience could “rewrite” the story interactively and through shouts. As soon as the audience decided that the boy should not break up with the girl via WhatsApp, the scene was “rewound” and the break-up was improvised in the new version. It was excellent!

Picture: The boy should tell his girlfriend face to face that he’s breaking up. (Source:

Myths and fairy tales about the dream of peace

Since “fortunately narration itself is a very peaceful process” (quote André Wülfing, Theomobil e. V.), the story-telling tent on the cathedral square was a perfect fit, of course. As a great fan of stories in general and fantasy in particular, I had to go in and let it enchant me.

Picture: View of the fairytale tent before the beginning of the event (Source:

I could have two stories to take home. In one, enemies became friends and in the other, presented by Märchenmund-narrator Melody Reich, the focus was on living in peace with nature.

In the fairy tale like ambience I could spend a few quiet minutes, rest and be captivated by the stories.

Reading and Writing – Privilege instead of Compulsion

A very important issue when it comes to ensuring prosperity and peace is, of course, the literacy of children, young people and adults. Stefan Wälte of the Bundesverband Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung e. V. gave a lecture in which the most important facts and figures about people who have difficulties with reading and writing were briefly presented. My impression? I got a little insight into a world full of shame, misunderstandings and suffering. I owe this to Martin Sell, who himself lived in illiteracy for many years and was prepared to answer questions from the point of view of a person affected. He has not only shown great courage but has also pointed out and torn down boundaries. Many heartfelt thanks for this!

Geiz ist geil! (Stinginess is awesome!)

In this more than shocking scenic performance, Cornelia Kupferschmid and Carola von Seckendorff of Fetter Fisch Performance | Theater shocked me and probably also the other visitors. The topic of child and forced labor does not leave anyone cold, but so drastically staged the message was unmistakable, no one could get out of the affair. We were tied in, surrounded, there was screaming, one recognized oneself. A lasting, interactive experience at the end of my day in Münster.


I would have liked to have taken advantage of many more offers, but my feet were already hurting, and my train home would probably not have waited for me either. All the events I was able to attend were more than successful. The composition of the artistic and informative approaches was varied and colorful. It is a complete mystery to me why the halls did not burst at the seams. The events could be found well by the operators in front of the event rooms.

Hopefully this was not the last family and action festival of its kind. The idea and the implementation were simply great. In my opinion, it would be worth establishing such a festival, even if next year it might have a different motto.

Header picture: Dance performance of the inclusive dance school TanzRaum. They danced with scarfs, chairs and on imaginary wire ropes (source: