As part of the opening ceremony , the City of Münster invited various bloggers to learn more about the importance of peace for Münster. It was an exciting day with many impressions.

The guided tour of the city began in the hall of peace, the place which, as a cultural heritage site, together with the Osnabrück City Hall, represents the starting point for “Peace.Europe”. From there they went to various places of importance for the topic of peace. Among others, they visited Eduardo Chillida’s monument “Tolerance through Dialogue”, the City Library and the Krameramtshaus, where the Dutch delegation was accommodated during the negotiations for the Peace of Westphalia.

The bloggers learned several exciting details about Münster and Westphalia from the time of the Anabaptists to the present day. It was a full program that everyone followed with great interest and perseverance. Great respect for the visitors, some of whom were carrying heavy photo equipment and kept up a good mood from start to finish!


(Photo by Juliane Unkelbach)

The evening ended with a visit to the Türmerstube in the church tower of St. Lamberti. The ascent to the “Blessed Sacrament” was something very special, since normally nobody has access to the tower.

At the end of the day one had the impression that the participants were satisfied setting out on their way home. Now we eagerly await the stories and impressions of the bloggers, which we will of course link to here.


(Cover photo: Blogger/Instagrammer dinner)


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